Joint IR/Eco


Major in International Relations and Economics

This major combines international economics, which is the study of markets and economic policy, with international political economy, which studies international institutions and the interactions of states with those institutions and each other motivated by tradeoffs among economic goals and considerations of power, national security, and citizen welfare.   Study of economic theory as well as institutional arrangements allows students to understand consequences for the world economy including political and distributional consequences.  The major is operated together by the Departments of International Relations and economics, and each student is provided an advisor in each department.

Introductory courses (2 courses/8 credits)

IR 010 Introduction to World Politics (4)

ECO 001 Principles of Economics (4)


IR Core courses (4 courses/16 credits)

IR 100 Methods and Research Design (4)

IR 225 International Political Economy (4)


Any two of the following courses:


IR 205 Theories of International Relations (4)

IR 210 Foreign Policy (4)

IR 234 Great Power Politics (4)

IR 235 International Security (4)

IR 236 Causes of War (4)

IR 237 National Security (4)

IR 245 International Organization (4)


Economics Core courses (4 courses/12 credits)

ECO 029 Money, Banking, and Financial Markets (3)

ECO 045 Statistical Methods (3)

ECO 105 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (3) or ECO 146 Applied Microeconomic Analysis (3)

ECO 119 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (3)


Advanced courses in IR (2 courses/8 credits)


Chosen from any IR course 300-387 or 393.


Advanced courses in Economics (2 courses/6 credits)


Chosen from Eco 303, 339, 340, 345, 371 (and 343, which is offered only periodically).


Electives (3 courses/10-11 credits)

  • At least one course chosen from IR 200-387 or 393

  • At least one course chosen from ECO 200+ except ECO 258, 273, 362, and 371.

  • The third may be from either of the two above categories.

* Recommended electives on back


Required courses (60-61 credits)


Collateral requirement (1 course/4 credits)

Math 21 or Math 81 or equivalent.

Recommended electives:


Economics Electives:

International Relations Electives:

ECO 203 Microfinance

IR 220  Globalization and World Politics


IR 222  Political Economy of North-South Relations

IR 226  Political Economy of Corruption

IR 257  Political Economy of Post-Communist

            Transitions and European Integration

ECO 209 Comparative Economic Systems

IR 321  Economic Relations of Advanced Industrial  


ECO 303 Economic Development

IR 322  Poverty and Development

ECO 339 International Trade

IR 323  Political Economy of Industrialization and


ECO 340 International Finance

IR 344  International Politics of Oil

ECO 342 Economic Development in China

ECO 343 European Economic Integration

ECO 345 Political Economy of Iraq