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Professor Barkey has released an article regarding the United States' relationship with Turkey after Erdogan's consolidation of power. To view this article, click here.

Also see Professor Barkey's interview here.

International Relations professor Norrin Ripsman is giving a talk at Rutgers University regarding Neoclassical Realist Theory.

Professor Dinissa Duvanova won a 2017 Fulbright scholarship for her upcoming research in Kazakhstan. The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the United States Government as an international educational exchange program at Lehigh. 

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Lehigh Student Wins Distinguished Scholarship

International Relations Professor Dinissa Duvanova was selected to receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year.  The Fulbright Program is a government-sponsored grant that provides funding for graduating students and professors to research abroad.

In a recent conference at the University of South California, Professor Arman Grigoryan discussed why some former Soviet Republics were successful in their transition to democracy, while others were not.  Specifically, why had the country of Armenia been unsuccessful in becoming a prosperous democratic state?  “In the first half of the nineties, Armenia was often referred to in the Western media as an ‘island of democracy,’” said Grigoryan.

Arman, Grigoryan, Armenia, Conference

Lehigh International Relations Alum Victoria Herrmann ('12) recently reported that data from her research into the rapidly melting Arctic ice shelves was deleted by the Trump administration.  The problems first began after January 21st when links regarding the U.S. Strategy for the Arctic were deleted, along with other Arctic-related policy links.  As the Trump administration continued, more and more climate-change related sources were deleted, and eventually, the resources that Hermann used for her research began to disappear as well.

Hermann Arctic Research

Senior Toni Isreal, who triple majoring in International Relations and Modern Languages, Africana Studies, and Global Studies, was one of 100 students to receive the Boren Scholarship.  The Boren Scholarship awards $20,000 to study a language in a country that is critical to US national security.

On Friday, October 21, the students of IR 97 the United Nations and staff from the Lehigh University-United Nations Partnership will be visiting the New York offices of the UN. After learning about the structure and functions of the Organization this semester, the class will take a tour of the UN and meet with one of its diplomatic missions to discuss policy and current events. Through first-hand experience, students will develop a deeper understanding of the UN context and the role of the Organization in international social and political outcomes.

Kevin Narizny discusses "The Political Economy of Democracy Promotion," at the annual conference of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia, PA.

(Sept 3, 2016).