IR Major Curriculum


International Relations

The major consists of ten courses for a total of 40 credits.  This is the minimum requirement; however, we strongly urge students to enrich their education by going further.

Introductory course (1 course/4 credits)


IR 010   Introduction to World Politics (4)


Core courses (4 courses, 16 credits)


Research Methods IR 100 Methods and Research Design (4)


One course each from three of the following four categories:


Theory and Policy IR 105 Theories of International Relations (4)

or IR 210 Foreign Policy (4)


International Political Economy IR 225 International Political Economy (4)

or IR 220 Globalization and World Politics (4)


International Security IR 234 Great Power Politics (4)

or IR 235 International Security (4)

or IR 236 Causes of War (4)

or IR 237 National Security (4)


International Governance IR245 International Organization (4)


Advanced courses in IR (2 courses/8 credits)

Chosen from any IR course numbered 300-387 (except 307) or 393.


Electives (12 credits, normally 3 courses)


Any IR courses other than IR 002, IR 019, 090, 388, 391.  Core or advanced courses beyond the minimum requirements may be counted as electives.  Certain courses offered by other departments may also qualify.


* List of electives on back


Collateral requirement

ECO 001 Principles of Economics (4)

† The department recommends that IR majors fulfill their mathematics requirement with MATH 012 (Basic Statistics), but this is not a requirement.